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St. Rose Parish News -

We are sending you this email to get the word out that online Mass is available!  If you have friends and family that do not have an email, or who did not have their pictures taken for the directory (which is how we have your email), please tell them about this email or forward it to them.  Thank you!! 


Fr. Schon’s Sunday Mass at St. Rose will be broadcast at 9:30 on Sunday mornings on the St. Rose website 


There is also information on the website for weekday Mass times (which Fr. Schon streams live on the St. Rose of Lima Facebook page) and Mass intentions. 


The Sunday Mass will be televised for Denison residents who get Channel 13 at 1:00 pm

Fr. Paul’s Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart in Manning will be broadcast at 9:30 on Sunday mornings on Manning’s local channel 2 and at the two Manning nursing homes at 9:30 also. 

 New Drop Box!

There is a new Drop Box in Front of the Church that may be used to drop off correspondance and Church Support.

It will be checked daily.

Thank you, Petersen Manufacturing!



St. Rose of Lima Church

916 Second Ave South

PO Box 280

Denison, Iowa  51442



Please go to the Bulletin Page for Announcements, Mass Intentions and Video of Current Masses

Congratulations, You’re Engaged to be Married!

Guidelines for the Preparation for

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St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

916 2nd Avenue South

Denison, Iowa  51442


 St. Rose of Lima Mission Statement
 In the spirit of our patron, St. Rose of Lima, we are committed by faith and tradition to offer to all:
the opportunity to be involved in meaningful liturgy, quality life-long religious education,
stewardship of resources, future planning of area Catholicism and evangelization.

Mass times: 
(See the weekly bulletin page for current weekly Mass schedule)
          Saturday  4:30 p.m.
          Sunday    9:30 a.m.
Sunday  11:00 a.m.  (Spanish)
Presently suspended due to Covid-19:
Sacrament of Reconciliation:  
St. Rose: Thursday  5:30 p.m.   Saturdays at 3:30 p.m
All other parishes - One half hour before Mass.

Eucharistic Adoration
Thursday at St. Rose in Houlihan Chapel  from 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
.and in the church from  5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Fr. Randy Schon,  Pastor  
 Fr. Paul Nguyen, Vicar          

 Fr. Schon & Fr. Nguyen also serve the parishes in Manning and Manilla  as well as Denison and Vail,
the worship site in Manilla and Oratories in Dow City and Charter Oak.
The combined weekened Mass Schedule  is:

4:30 p.m. Denison
6:00 p.m.Manilla

8:00 a.m Vail
9:30a.m. Denison
9:30 a.m. Manning
11:00 a.m. Denison (Spanish)

Lynn Brown  Secretary/Bookeeper
St. Rose Church
916 2nd Ave. So.
Box 280
Denison, IA 51442  
(712) 263-2152
(712) 263-2153 FAX
Email Addresses:


St. Rose School
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St. Rose Mass Videos

Baptism Information Sheet for the Churches of Crawford County.


Diocese of Sioux City
The Catholic Globe
USCCB  Readings and Psalms for the Month

Denison Knights of Columbus Council 2074

June 2020